Tuesday, 18 May 2021, 06:08:20 am
NCOC decides to ban inbound pedestrian movement from Afghanistan, Iran
May 02, 2021

In view of restricting new variants of COVID-19 away from Pakistan, the National Command and Coordination Center (NCOC) has decided to cease the inbound pedestrian movement from Afghanistan and Iran from Wednesday with exception to Pakistani nationals desirous to return.

The NCOC took this decision, while reviewing Land Border Management policy with Afghanistan and Iran to ensure regulated inbound pedestrian movement and effective management of COVID protocols at Border Terminals (BTs).

The forum reviewed the policy in view of the emergence of various variants and to restrain import of any new mutation to Pakistan.

It, however, allowed inbound pedestrian movement in case of extreme medical cases.

The reviewed policy will have no effect on existing cargo trade movement and will remain effective till 19th of this month and all outbound pedestrian movement is permissible.

The NCOC also reviewed testing and quarantine protocols, according to which inbound pedestrians will undergo Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) and positive cases, Pakistani Nationals only, will be shifted to nearby quarantine facilities.

Border Terminals will remain open for seven days a week and employment strength of Law Enforcement Agencies and health staff at BTs will be increased for implementation of testing protocols and to control high traffic density.