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Climate Change is an existential threat for human kind: Analysts
December 03, 2023

Aizaz Chaudhary (Former Ambassador): 

Basically, developed countries are responsible for a significant increase in the emission of greenhouse gases. So, it is the responsibility of these developed nations to compensate for the sufferings of the developing countries as these countries are paying the price of their development. I am hopeful that steps will be taken in COP-28 to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change. It seems that the developed countries are not ready to take responsibility to contribute to the Loss and Damage Fund established for the developing countries. So, we should also utilize our own available resources to deal with climate change rather than remaining dependent on the developed countries. Climate Change is a global issue and everyone should look at ways to prevent things from happening.

Dr Muhammad Khan (IR Expert): 

The conference on climate change is important and good news is that it is being held in a country that has close relations with Pakistan. It is a fact that Pakistan is more exposed to the impacts as far as climate change is concerned despite the fact Pakistan is the least contributor in carbon emission. The world needs to pay attention to the countries where climate change is creating devastating impacts. Moreover, the Chief of Army Staff played an important role in signing certain agreements and MoUs with Kuwait and UAE that will be helpful in the revival of economy.

Hafiz Shafique Kashif (Chairman Pak, Saudi Arab Business Council)

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have reached consensus on investment modalities, paving path for ratification of a free trade agreement with the Gulf Cooperation Council. This is a revolutionary step for Pakistan’s economy.  The agreement had been pending for last 19 years. After the establishment of SIFC, this is another big step for stabilizing country’s economy. GCC countries also want labor and halal food from Pakistan. Our private sector should come forward and we should increase our exports to GCC countries. Pakistan will be able to earn handsome foreign exchange after this development. Pakistan is also blessed with mineral resources. The reservations of GCC countries have also been addressed and the investors from these countries want to invest in Pakistan. A big economic revolution is expected in the coming five years.