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Envoy Masood terms Pakistani students in US as catalysts for boosting bilateral ties
December 03, 2023

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan has lauded Pakistani students studying in the United States for playing role in enhancing Pak-US relations and projecting a positive image of Pakistan.

In his virtual address with students from 15 leading U.S. universities and colleges, he praised the initiative of Pakistani Students Association Coalition in uniting Pakistani student associations under one umbrella.

Pakistani Students Association Coalition represents a diverse array of renowned U.S. educational institutes, including Brooklyn, Queens, Hunter College, Baruch College, City College, Columbia University, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Swarthmore College, Minerva University, Syracuse University, among others.

The Ambassador lauded the coalition's efforts in fostering a stronger and broader community of Pakistani students while appreciating various initiatives aimed at promoting the cultural heritage of Pakistan and fostering closer ties between the people of the two countries.

While emphasizing the primary goal of excelling in academic pursuits, he urged students to actively engage with the rich educational environment both on and off-campus. He stressed the importance of respecting the laws and norms of the host country, as the conduct of Pakistani students reflects the true image of Pakistan.

The Ambassador also pointed out that misperceptions about Pakistan and its people could be countered by Pakistani students showcasing the strength of the nation. He emphasized the responsibility of each student as an ambassador in their environment and social groups.

The Ambassador briefed the students on the upward trajectory of Pak-US relations, highlighting various areas of cooperation, including trade ties and efforts to tap the economic potential of the relationship. In response to a student's question, he encouraged students to make their mark in studies, contribute to cementing Pak-US ties, and consider investing back in Pakistan.