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IIOJK: Vikar Wani cautions people against BJP’s divisive tactics
December 03, 2023

The President of Indian National Congress chapter in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir Vikar Rasool Wani has cautioned the people against the divisive tactics of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Vikar Rasool Wani addressing a party function in Jammu said the BJP is habitual of playing divisive politics and creating hate among the communities.

He said there is anger among people against BJP who has played with the sentiments of the people who voted them to power.

Congress leader Raman Bhalla on the occasion said after abrogation of special status, the lands of poor are being snatched, the protection of jobs have gone and there are no jobs in Government and private sector.

Meanwhile, Kashmir Media Service reports that inhuman torture techniques, employed by Indian troops, paramilitary forces and police personnel, have left thousands of Kashmiris disabled for life, including over 200 losing eyesight in one or both eyes.

The report said that among the most brutal tactics used in the territory by Indian troops include firing of bullets, pellets, teargas shells, electric shock, crushing the leg muscles with a wooden roller and hanging upside down in interrogation centres.

The report urged the international community to take notice of Indian government’s inhuman act of disabling the Kashmiris under a systematic torture mechanism in IIOJK.