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Gwadar will emerge as a hub of industries & trade connectivity: Analysts
December 04, 2023

Dr Rasheed Ahmed Khan (IR Expert):

Gwadar port is an important deep sea port established under China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Soon it will be a hub of international trade and commercial activities. The importance of Gwadar port cannot be ignored. Gwadar port of Pakistan is a gateway to the shortest and more economical route to the landlocked Central Asian Republics. The increased trade activities with other countries will generate more jobs, enhance tax collections because of the increase in the volume of goods.

Waheed Ahmed (Former Ambassador):

I do believe that the desire to improve political and trade relations with Pakistan exists in GCC countries. The UAE entrepreneurs would definitely look into the business opportunities in Pakistan. There is a dire need for consistent efforts from Pakistan to attract the foreign investment in the country. Pakistan has fought a successful war against terrorism and it will take time to convince the investors that Pakistan has now become a safe haven for the foreign investors.

Shahzada Zulfiqar (Senior Analyst):

Provision of clean drinking water was a longstanding demand from the people of Gwadar because people of the area have to travel a long way for getting water. The hospital was also the need of the people as the patients have to travel to Karachi for even basic medical facilities. The New Gwadar International Airport will usher in modern air transport connectivity among regional and international players, promoting a ripple of economic opportunities in terms of trade, business, employability and tourism. Local economy will boost as the people will get job opportunities because of the development activities in Gwadar.