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Analysts hail growing Pak, US ties in diverse areas
October 05, 2022

Dr. Manzoor Afridi (IR Expert): Pakistan and the United States are enjoying a long lasting friendship. However, there is a need for re-engagement in the relations. Pakistan has an important geographical location and the United States is the sole superpower in the world. Therefore, the importance of Pak-US relations cannot be downplayed. In the perspective of Afghanistan, the United States cannot sideline Pakistan. The government has also urged the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan amid post-NATO withdrawal. The United States has also provided financial assistance to the flood hit people in Pakistan and also acknowledged the narrative of Pakistan as far as climate change is concerned. Moreover, Pakistan remains the front ally of the United States in war against terror and has sacrificed many precious lives in this connection.

Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan (IR Expert): At this point of time, Pakistan is facing certain economic challenges and the visit of Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa to the United States is very important. COAS held a series of meetings with the US officials and discussed issues of importance. The visit reflects the renewed push by the two countries to reset their troubled relations. Matters of mutual interest, regional security situation, and bilateral cooperation in different fields would be discussed during the meetings.

Waheed Ahmed (Former Ambassador): The bilateral ties between the United States and Pakistan have seen many ups and downs over the course of years, but it is a fact that both the countries cannot disregard the importance of each other. Pakistan needs the cooperation of international financial institutions which is not possible without the US support. The recent visits of the Prime Minister, foreign minister and now of the COAS to the United States are very productive. The engagement with the United States is the need of the hour. Recently, the US State Department approved the potential sale of spare parts of F-16 aircraft to Pakistan. The United States also rejected the Indian uproar regarding sale of F-16 equipment to Pakistan. The strategic relations between Pakistan and the United States have always been good. Islamabad wants stronger relations with the United States on equal footings.  

Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (IR Expert): Pak-US relations are important and good ties with the United States are the need of the hour. The incumbent government is making all out efforts to bring the Pak-US relations back on track. During the recent visit of the Prime Minister to the United States, all out efforts were made to eliminate the misunderstandings between the two countries. Moreover, the United States is a big trading market for Pakistan and can support our country in its economic revival to a great extent. The US ambassador in Pakistan and the Pakistan ambassador to the US are very active. The US ambassador to Pakistan visited AJK which is a clear indication that the United States is interested in a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute, as it is the main bone of contention between the two nuclear powers. The Pakistan ambassador to the US is active in fundraising events to support the flood victims in Pakistan. The visit of COAS will result in betterment of Pak-US relations.