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PMD alerts of potential Tropical Cyclone formation over Southeast Arabian Sea
June 06, 2023

Pakistan Meteorological Department has asked the concerned authorities to remain vigilant in the wake of the potential tropical cyclone formation over the Southeast Arabian Sea. 

In an alert issued on Tuesday, the PMD said that the low-pressure area over Southeast Arabian Sea has intensified into a Depression about 1500km south of Karachi.

The system is likely to intensify further into a Tropical Storm during the next 18 to 24 hours and move further in the north and northwest direction.

About the possible impacts, the PMD said that currently none of the Pakistan coastal areas is under any threat.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Meteorological Department has indicated chances of normal to slightly below-normal rainfall in most areas of the country during the upcoming monsoon season.

During the upcoming monsoon season, it is anticipated that El Niño conditions will prevail and the areas may have normal to slightly below-normal rainfall.

Northern regions may experience slightly above-normal rainfall, while western parts of Balochistan can expect near-normal rainfall.

The PMD warned that the possibility of occasional extreme hydro-meteorological events over catchment areas cannot be ruled out, which may generate riverine floods in the major rivers. 

And now the past weather in 24 hours and forecast for next 24 hours.