Sunday, 11 April 2021, 05:31:43 am
Analysts hail commitment of PTI-led government to provide housing to people
April 08, 2021

Dr. Salman Shah (Advisor to Punjab government): Provision of housing to people is among top priorities of the government as this sector can be engine for economic growth in the country. The incumbent government has involved banks to provide loans to people on easy terms and conditions. Private sector is involved in town developments in urban areas. Such measures are pillars of economic growth. The Punjab government is also complementing the policies of federal government in this regard and making all out efforts in development of urban areas. The PTI-led Punjab government also laid foundation stone of the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development project. The new city will help to overcome the problems of congested traffic, water and environment in Lahore city.

Dr. Noor Fatima (Economist): Present government is taking commendable decisions in the given circumstances as far as provision of relief to common man is concerned. Pakistan is availing IMF package and need is to focus on overcoming trade and fiscal deficit. Normally, such packages affect the social development projects in the country. But Prime Minister Imran Khan has soft feelings for the poor segments of society and they are close to his heart. The newly inaugurated project is for the deserving people who dream to have their own homes. This project will eliminate the sense of deprivation of poor segments and they will have the feelings of being part of mainstream activities. The construction sector provides job opportunities to people and many other industries are also linked with this field. This decision will boost economic activities in the country in current circumstances.

Shamim Shawl (Hurriyet Leader): The Indian-American civil rights organizations have once again exposed the fascist policies of BJP government in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Several reports published by reputable international organizations have already pointed out the massive human rights violations committed by Indian forces in IIOJ&K. The journalists are not being allowed to report the actual situation in the held valley. The world must take notice of genocide of Kashmiris as Indian government is killing them for nothing. At the time when the entire world is fighting against the corona pandemic, Indian government is carrying out its anti-Muslim agenda in IIOJ&K and violating international laws.

Dr. Abdul Wajid Khan (IR Expert): Pakistan is a country where minorities are given equal rights and they enjoy complete religious freedom. Moreover, Pakistan always warmly welcomes the Sikh Yatris coming to visit their holy sites. The act of opening Kartarpur Corridor by Pakistan was appreciated not only by the Sikhs across the globe but by the developed world as well. On the other hand, the world is noticing the discriminatory policies of the Indian government towards the minorities, specifically the Muslims. Minorities in India are under constant threat as RSS extremists are forcing them to convert to Hinduism or leave the country. The Biden administration must take serious notice of human rights violations in so-called the world's largest democratic state.