Saturday, 16 January 2021, 04:55:40 am
WHO map rejects Modi’s claim on Jammu and Kashmir
January 10, 2021

In Geneva, World Health Organization has shown Occupied Jammu and Kashmir including Ladakh on its official website as a separate entity from India. 

Rejecting Narendra Modi-led Indian government’s false claim on the territory of occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the WHO in its colour-coded map depicted India in blue colour, while Jammu and Kashmir including Ladakh in gray colour.

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference Chairman Shabbir Ahmed Dar in a statement in Srinagar hailed the World Health Organization for manifesting realistic approach on Jammu and Kashmir. 

He said this kind of approach by the UN body like WHO will help in building a peaceful, secure and prosperous world which has been threatened by neo-expansionist countries like India and Israel.

Shabbir Dar said the WHO spokesman had said that the map was as per the guidelines provided by the United Nations.