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Finance Minister vows to make Pakistan hub of technological advancements
September 12, 2023

Minister for Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, and Privatization Dr. Shamshad Akhtar has emphasized the government's commitment to make Pakistan a hub for technological advancements and economic prosperity.

She was chairing a Meeting on Special Technology Zones and Special Economic Zones in Islamabad.

The committee was apprised about the comparative models of STZs and the progress and challenges of existing STZs and SEZs respectively.

Moreover, a comprehensive discussion took place on the incentives currently available within STZs and SEZs, with a primary focus on enhancing their effectiveness and relevance to the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

It was also shared that out of 8 Areas declared as STZs, 5 are fully functional.

The meeting also discussed strategies and policies aimed at fostering innovation, economic growth, and technological advancement through efficient management of STZs and SEZs to attract domestic and foreign investment.

However, she highlighted that we shall focus more on promoting business friendly environment instead of relying exclusively on tax holidays.