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Analysts hail historic agreement between Saudi Arab and Iran
March 12, 2023

Ali Sarwar Naqvi ( Former Ambassador):The historic agreement made at Beijing between Saudi  Arabia and Iran  is of much importance as these  two important and powerful nations of the region.  The resumption of diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia is good omen not only for these two countries, but also for the whole region. This agreement will further cement relations of Islamabad with Riyadh and Tehran.


Dr. Manzoor Khan Afridi ( I.R Expert):This historic agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia is of global important which will have positive impact on peace and development of the region. This agreement is big success for Muslim Ummah. These two countries have very important role in world politics, and their developing relation is a welcoming step. Saudia and Iran have abundance energy resources , they can also play important role for resolving energy crisis of Muslim countries as well. Organization of Islamic Cooperation and China have played an important role in bringing the two countries on one page.


Mubashar Zaidi ( Senior Journalist in Turkiye): Pakistan is continuing its consistent support to flood hit  people of Turkiye, and the people of Turkiye are admiring Pakistan’s support in this need of hour. The government of Turkiye recognizes Pakistan’s efforts in Rescue and Relief operation and now in rehabilitation.