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Pakistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan express resolve to combat Islamophobia at Int’l fora
January 14, 2021

The 2nd Trilateral Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan have expressed resolve to further advance peace, stability and development for shared prosperity and security in the broader region.

According to 'Islamabad Declaration' issued after the meeting in Islamabad, the Foreign Ministers of the three countries reiterated strong and unequivocal support for safeguarding and defending the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of international borders of their respective states.

They also agreed to enhance joint efforts on combating Islamophobia, discrimination and persecution of Muslim minorities, in particular at the regional and international fora.

The Declaration also expressed serious concerns on the grave human rights violations and crimes against humanity committed against the Muslim communities in various parts of the world.

The three countries renewed their resolve to strengthen cooperation in peace and security in line with various international and regional instruments to combat all forms and manifestations of terrorism and transnational organized crime.

They also renewed their pledge to strengthen cooperation against drugs and human trafficking, money laundering, crimes against cultural and historical heritage and cybercrimes.