Friday, 27 May 2022, 09:37:35 pm
NIH issues advisory on Prevention & Management of Heat/Sun Stroke
May 14, 2022

The National Institute of Health has issued an advisory on heat sroke in the wake of the recent high temperature in different parts of the country.

In its advisory, the NIH has advised people to drink more water, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, cover head with a hat and wear light colored loose clothing.

It said heatstroke is a medical condition which can be fatal if not treated in time.

Symptoms of heatstroke include hot and dry skin, weakness or lethargy, fever, headache, and rapid heartbeat. If not treated properly in time, it can lead to death or damage to limbs or disability.

Infants, people over 65, people with diabetes and high blood pressure, athletes and outdoor workers have a higher risk of heat stroke.

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