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UN panel approves Pakistan-backed resolutions calling for fighting disinformation
May 14, 2022

A UN panel has approved Pakistan-backed resolutions calling for fighting disinformation and protection of journalists.

The two resolutions were steered by Pakistan in its capacity as Chairman of the Group of 77 developing countries.

Pakistani delegate Mariam Shaikh led the efforts to promote consensus on the texts, reconciling differing views and positions on a range of issues under discussion at the Committee on Information.

The two resolutions will now be forwarded to the General Assembly for adoption.

Speaking on the occasion, the Pakistani delegate condemned the killing of the Palestinian-American journalist Abu Aqleh by Israeli troops, and called for an independent investigation into her death. 

She urged the international community to take urgent action to put an end to the Israeli occupation, which continues to fuel conflict, tension, and instability in the region and remains a matter of grave concern for the entire Muslim world.