Saturday, 16 October 2021, 09:44:49 am
Analysts urge world to provide financial and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan for peace and stability
September 18, 2021

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst): The Taliban have announced an interim government in Kabul and declared that with time changes can be made in the cabinet. But the world is criticizing Taliban government for not having representation of all ethnic minorities in the interim set up. No government in Afghanistan can be stable until and unless there is representation of all the ethnic groups. Pashtuns are in majority in Afghanistan with over 50% population. Tajik and Hazara make 23% of the population. Then there are Uzbeks and others that will hopefully get representation in the government. In Doha agreement, it was agreed that the international sanctions will be lifted and Afghanistan will be provided aid in order to get stabilized. But unfortunately, the Afghan assets have been frozen adding to the difficulties of the new government in Afghanistan. The Afghan Taliban have vowed to respect women's rights and the world should give enough time to newly formed government. The Afghan Taliban have also assured the neighboring countries that their soil will not be used against any one. The world must come forward and support Afghanistan financially and morally. If Afghanistan is not helped, it may lead to increased terrorism, chaos and anarchy in the war-torn country and other countries might also be impacted.

Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (IR Expert): It is a fact that all the neighboring countries of Afghanistan want a peaceful and stable Afghanistan as it will lead to regional economic development. The Afghan Taliban have taken control of entire country and formed an interim government. Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic society and the representation of all the groups is mandatory for a stabilized Afghan government. Pakistan has always stressed for an Afghan led and Afghan owned government. It is a good development that the Taliban pledged to build an inclusive government, protect the rights of women within the bounds of Shariah law, and prevent Afghan territory from being used to target any other country. The world must support Afghanistan in this crucial time in order to avert any humanitarian crisis in the country.

Dr. Salma Malik (Expert): The world has undergone a transformation and shifted its priorities from geopolitics to geo-economics and the countries are making efforts to ensure connectivity and trade. The concept of promoting and safeguarding national interests through economic interdependence and alliance building with like-minded states is not a new thing for us. Pakistan and Tajikistan have agreed to fast track finalization of various bilateral agreements and MoUs in order to further institutionalize cooperation in diverse fields. There is a need of augmenting multi-dimensional bilateral cooperation within the framework of a strategic partnership for mutual peace, progress and prosperity.