Monday, 20 March 2023, 09:41:20 pm
Analyst terms Indian hegemonic designs a threat to peace of the region
January 19, 2023

Pakistan has always played a very constructive and positive role for strengthening peace and stability of the region. We have successfully defeated terrorism and sacrificed over eighty thousands lives and suffered an economic loss billions of dollars in war against terrorism. As far as relations with India is concerned, Pakistan always sincerely desired cordial relations with India and offered to have dialogue on all core issues including the Kashmir dispute. On the contrary, India never reciprocated positively and always engaged in activities aimed at destabilizing peace and stability of the region. India is using Afghan soil to carry out terrorist activities inside Pakistan. The recent offer of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif for dialogue with India is very positive. India must change its perspective about Pakistan and region as the peace in the region especially along western border will have several economic benefits for India in the form of opening up of economic routes to central Asian markets. In India, the current BJP government influenced by RSS ideology is prejudiced against Pakistan and even the minorities in India including Muslims are being deprived of theory Political, cultural and economic rights. The role of big powers and international organisations is also very important in this perspective.