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Biden asks UN to continue its role to preserve peace, prevent conflicts
September 19, 2023

US President Joe Biden has stressed United Nations to continue playing its role to preserve peace, prevent conflicts and alleviate human sufferings across the globe.

In his address to the 78th UNGA Session in New York today, he expressed dismay that over one billion population of the world is being affected due to international conflicts. He said the United States seeks a more secure, prosperous and equitable world for all people.

Highlighting the significance of collaboration among the world nations to tackle the emerging challenges, the President said no nation is capable to meet today's challenges alone.

He said a remarkable progress in the lives of people can be witnessed by working together. He categorically stated that being the President of the United States, he is fully cognizant of his responsibilities. 

He said the United States believe to make global institutions more responsible, more attractive and more inclusive for the provision of quality healthcare, poverty alleviation and expanding the access of education to children worldwide.

Joe Biden called upon United Nations to devise a roadmap to curb the heinous impacts of global warming and play an effective role in this regard. He also urged to reduce emission of Green House Gases to mitigate negative impacts of climate change.

The President also termed multilateral development banks as the best tools for mobilizing, transparent and high quality investment in developing countries.

Commending the performance of World Bank, Joe Biden said it took significant step to expand its financing for lower income countries to help boosting the progress for meeting sustainable and development goals.