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HR Ministry demands UN to probe extrajudicial killings of 11 Pakistani Hindus by India
December 22, 2020

Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari has demanded United Nations to probe the extrajudicial killings of 11 Pakistani Hindus by India and ensure payment of reparations to families of the deceased.

In a letter written to UN High Commissioner, she said the extrajudicial executions by Indian security forces in Manipur, have not been fully investigated, and the state of India has failed to fulfil its obligation to carry out a prompt, thorough and effective investigation which is  a clear breach to the Vienna Convention.

The Minister in the letter demanded the constitution of an investigation team, under the auspices of the UN and urged India to allow the team for conducting a free, fair and impartial investigation into the matter and handing over of the dead bodies of deceased to family members.                 

The letter said India should respect international human rights law by ending impunity for the conduct of officials involved in gross human rights violations.

It may be recalled that in August 2020, 11 Pakistan Hindus were executed extra judicially in Jodhpur District, of Indian state of Rajasthan.