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Analysts expect Pak-Sri Lanka ties to further strengthen with visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan
February 23, 2021

Tasneem Aslam (Former Ambassador): Pakistan and Sri Lanka have been enjoying cordial relations for the last many years. When Sri Lanka was fighting Indian backed terrorism, Pakistan stood by Colombo government and supported it to eradicate this menace. Sri Lanka is also an active member of SAARC and alongside Pakistan making it functional. China, an Asian heavyweight, is on path to become the next super power and is focused on bringing economic stability in the regional countries. Many countries, including Pakistan and Sri Lanka, are becoming part of Belt and Road Initiative of China. India because of its intransigence is becoming isolated in the world. New Delhi’s hegemonic designs have turned many regional countries against it. Once Pakistan was the only obstacle in India’s desire to dominate the region, but over the passage of time Bangladesh, Bhutan and others have also risen up against New Delhi’s ambitions. All the neighboring countries are well aware of Indian suppression, human rights abuses and violations of UN resolutions in IIOJ&K.

Ghalib Iqbal (Former Ambassador): Sri Lanka is considered a close friend of Pakistan and both the countries have been enjoying good relations since long. Colombo never forgot the incessant support of Pakistan to its fight against terrorism where Islamabad provided help to defeat Tamil Tigers. India has been putting pressure on neighboring countries in its quest of regional hegemony and Sri Lanka is also a victim. Pakistan has offered Sri Lanka to become part of CPEC to reap economic benefits. Both countries are also important members of SAARC. Pakistan has endeavored to develop a broad-based relationship, covering trade, commerce, culture and defense, with Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, India continues intervening in neighboring countries, including those with which it does not share any border. New Delhi government should realize that its policies will result in isolation and self-destruction.

Shamim Shawl (Hurriyet Leader): Today is considered as Black Day in the history of Kashmir. On this tragic day in 1991, Indian forces used rape as weapon of war against Kashmiris. Indian forces raped women without any discrimination of age. Kashmiris are still under Indian military siege. We warmly welcome the statements of the civilized countries urging India to respect human rights in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. India has been violating all international laws relating to human rights. The present Indian government is trying to change the demography of the occupied valley by settling non-Kashmiris in the area. The BJP government is specifically targeting the Muslims. We, the Kashmiris, are thankful to Prime Minister Imran Khan for rendering unconditional support to Kashmir cause at all international forums. It is failure of the United Nations that it could not implement its own resolutions on Kashmir. This in turn encouraged India to commit massive human rights violations and atrocities in the occupied valley. The world powers have to realize that regional peace and stability is directly linked with the resolution of Kashmir dispute.