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India’s ‘reckless’ actions endangering peace in South Asia: Pakistan
January 24, 2021

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Pakistan has warned the international community that India, emboldened by supply of advanced weapons and technologies, is pursuing zing offensive doctrines into war-fighting strategies that threaten peace in South Asia and beyond.

Speaking in the Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament, Pakistan's Ambassador Khalil Hashmi said that India is pursuing policies of hegemony, subversion and domination over its neighbours, driven by an extremist ideology and hyper-nationalism. 

While pushing for a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council, Ambassador Hashmi said India continues to defy with impunity the 15-member body's resolutions by further entrenching its occupation of an internationally recognized disputed territory Jammu and Kashmir.

He said a self-professed largest democracy in the world, India violated every tenet of international humanitarian and human rights laws by locking down 8 million people, shutting all means of communication and rejecting calls for independent investigations into its human rights abuses in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.