Saturday, 25 September 2021, 11:59:31 am
Analysts hope new government in Azad Jammu and Kashmir will boost confidence of people of IIOJ&K
July 25, 2021

Chaudhry Fawad Hussain (Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting): Voting turnout in election of AJK Legislative Assembly remained above 50 percent which reflects the confidence of people on the system and the outcome of election. Today was a good day in terms of election which remained largely peaceful. The uproar made by PML-N regarding rigging in election has been badly exposed and failed. PTI government emerging out of these elections will boost the confidence of people of Occupied Kashmir. The day is not far when people of whole Kashmir will have right to cast their votes. PTI government is committed to bring out transparency in all elections. 

Muhammad Ghazanfar Khan (Secretary Election Commission AJK): Polling remained peaceful without any unpleasant incident. The process of voting remained very peaceful at over 5,000 polling stations. The requirement of casting votes on showing ID cards was strictly implemented. The AJK government had made elaborate arrangements for security of election process. Troops of Pakistan Army, police were deployed at all the sensitive polling stations to keep law and order.

Altaf Hameed Rao (Journalist): The turnout in the AJK elections today was very encouraging. The AJK Election Commission had put in place very effective measures for holding of elections in a peaceful and transparent manner. The entire polling process was held within the parameters and was followed by both the government and the opposition candidates. PML-N and PPP have been part of the polling process in the past as well but the difference this time around is quite evident and must have been felt by the two parties. The process was fair and transparent and overall in the polling no untoward event took place which itself is a very positive thing.    

Syed Fakhar Imam (Federal Minister for National Food Security): Just like the people of AJK have been given right to vote and choose their government, suppressed Kashmiris in the IIOJ&K will also get the same right one day and decide their future by electing the deserving and true representatives of Kashmiris. Prime Minister Imran Khan has raised the issue of Kashmir at all the international forums and now the world is well aware of the ground situation prevailing in the occupied territory. India has tried its level best to hide the facts from the world but its nefarious designs have now been fully exposed. AJK elections have been conducted in a fair and transparent manner and the difference will be seen once the results are announced.

Noreen Ibrahim (MNA): People of AJK have been anxiously waiting for the change which PTI government has brought about in the entire Pakistan. They want Naya Pakistan in AJK as well. The turnout shows the amount of trust and interest of the AJK people on the electoral process and election commission.  We will see a new Pakistan in Azad Jammu Kashmir and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s manifesto will be implemented, there ultimately resulting in corruption free AJK.