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Analysts applaud Pakistan, Turkiye everlasting bilateral relations especially in defense, economic sectors
November 25, 2022

Dr Farooq Adil (IR Expert) There is no ethnical differences between both of the countries. Whether it is any meeting between the high officials or either a layman meets one another, there is no difference in their behaviour and attitude. We can totally rely on them in any terms, they are very helpful. Even the leaders of both countries are very much adjoined and have a brotherly relation among. As far as transfer of technologies is concerned, Turkiye has always provided assistance to Pakistan in any means possible. It is pertinent to mention here that the pact of these ships and its homework was done in the PML-N tenure under the leader ship of Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif, so the credit goes to them. It was a joint venture, where it was decided that 4 ships will be manufactured, out of which 2 were made at Karachi shipyard and the other 2 at Istanbul shipyard. The Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that Turkiye is like our second home and there are no differences in home. But, there is great worry in our enemies, especially India, as we can see that they are presenting false narratives and plotting several propagandas to create chaos in the region.

Naila Chohan (Former Ambassador) It is a very welcoming development for the country, especially in terms of our defense system. There are no questions about the understanding of the countries. But, when we talk about ground realities, we don't see as much economic and trade cooperation as we see during the visit of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. This is the second visit of PM Shehbaz, during this year. His addresses in the business circles are very important. Earlier, they inaugurated PNS Babar and now PNS Khyber. It is a great development for both of the countries. A MoU was signed that 2 ships will be manufactured there and 2 will be made here. Turkiye is the member of NATO, OIC and UN, this is why it holds great importance and as we do have great relations with them, and so it will be very beneficial for us. Whereas, several agreements have been signed among both. Turkiye has even offered duty relief on 261 tariff lines. Another joint venture of Iran Turkiye and Pakistan, Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) is also an example of our everlasting relations. It was decided that the offices will be established in different countries and training will be provided accordingly to the competent individuals. Therefore, this development is very fortunate for Pakistan in terms of strengthening our relations with Turkiye. With the grace of Almighty Allah, we'll see that these relations will touch its heights.

Saleem Akhtar (Retd Rear Admiral Pak Navy) This is the most technological advanced surface platform in the Pakistan Navy. It has several features and state of the art weapons system fitted on it, so it will definitely augment the capability of the naval forces, to maintain peace and stability as well as power equilibrium in the Indian Ocean region. The addition of a platform of such a nature will enhance the capability of the Pakistan Navy. We look forward to the construction of those ships being manufactured in the Karachi shipyard. As the transfer of technologies is associated with this project. Whereas, the design and capabilities provided to the Pakistan Navy will definitely help us in the future, as such ships will then be manufactured by Pakistan itself. Basically, there was a time when a ship was made for a specific purpose. Nowadays, these are multi-dimensional ships equipped with multiple weapons systems. It can work against submarines, air defense systems, other missiles fitted on board and it is comparatively smaller than a destroyer. So, it's much cheaper and effective.

Aslam Chandio (News Editor TRT World) Earlier today development preferential trade agreement was signed among Pakistan and Turkiye in Islamabad, between the Turkish Trade Minister and Pakistan's Commerce Minister Syed Naveed Qamar. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was also present there. It was a great step towards trade and economic cooperation, it was being said that in the near future it will lead to free trade agreement. The relations among both countries are headed there in terms of trade and economic cooperation. Today, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and PM Shehbaz jointly inaugurated the third Corvette ship. It is a great step for the defense system of Pakistan, it is also the example of great brotherly and historical relations among both. The PM Shehbaz, while addressing, also gave the reference of the cornerstone of friendship laid down in the 1920s. Turkiye has always helped us in our difficult times, whether it was the 2005 earthquake or the recent flash floods. They also talked about renewable energy. Where, electricity can be produced through wind and solar. He also invited more investors to Pakistan,4 in these renewable energy projects, as many already have invested in these projects. Recently, Turkiye has very much developed its strategic and defense system. If we look at these Corvette ships, these are domestically designed and produced ships. They also have domestically developed fighter drones and attack helicopters. So, if Pakistan and Turkiye will further assist each other, it will be a win-win situation for both. Both are deeply connected, in terms of people to people connection, political relations, trade and economic cooperation, etc. It is a great step from Turkiye, to become self-sufficient in developing its defense system. So, it is a great opportunity for Pakistan to further develop such cooperation.