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Muslim countries must highlight issue of Islamophobia at international forums: Analysts
March 27, 2023

Dr. Qibla Ayaz (Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology):  We have observed that Islamophobia is rising at a high pace particularly in the West. There is a dire need that Muslim Ummah stand United to counter Islamophobia. The Organization of Islamic Countries needs to play a leading role in this regard. The exercise of the right to freedom of expression cannot be used as a smokescreen to deliberately denigrate the Holy Scriptures or personalities of any religion. These mindless provocative Islamophobia incidents serve no purpose other than hurting the emotions of over 1.5 billion Muslims living all over the world.


 Dr. Hafiz Ikram-ul-Haq (Religious scholar):  As Muslims, we need to get much closer to our religion and take practical steps to prove ourselves as true Muslims. Moreover, we must also follow the guideline of the Holy Quran and preach to the international community regarding the teachings of Islam. We have to convey the world that Islam is a religion of peace and our religion forbids religious intolerance. Whatever is happening in the Western Countries, the government must hire an advocate and file the cases against the culprits involved in Islamophobia acts. Meanwhile, it is the need of the hour to approach the priests and other religious leadership of different countries in order to play a role to convey to the international community that every religion must be respected.