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Finance Minister terms fiscal discipline vital for economic prosperity
January 29, 2023

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says fiscal discipline is inevitable for prosperity of the country and only then can democracy be stabilized.

Addressing concluding session of two-day Bacha Khan Conference in Islamabad on Sunday, he said we have to get rid of reliance on foreign aid. He said late Bacha Khan had also promoted the concept of utilizing domestic sources instead of the imported ones.

Ishaq Dar said we must learn to uphold the dignity of our country in the comity of nations. He urged all political forces to join hands to steer the county out of current economic crisis.

The Finance Minister eulogized the services of great Pashtun leader Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan famously known as Bacha Khan.  Referring to Bacha Khan's Khudai Khidmatgar movement, the Finance Miniter said the concept is still relevant as politics should be for the service of people.

Earlier, former Prime Minister and Pakistan People's Party leader Senator Yusuf Raza Gillani called for abidance by Constitution for supremacy of law and strengthening of democracy in the country.