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Pakistan is committed to Shanghai Cooperation Organization's objectives: Analysts
March 29, 2023

Dr. Zahid Anwar ( I.R Expert):This region needs peace and economic prosperity. Shanghai Cooperation Organization ( SCO)  has also the same agenda of peace and development for  regional countries. Pakistan has proved through its action that it wants peace in region and sacrificed thousands of lives in war against terrorism. Our country has always welcomed all positive activities for betterment of the region. Pakistan is continuously working on the completion of China Pakistan Economic Corridor project, and its early completion is in the best interest of both Pakistan and China. Moreover, Pakistan is playing an active role in SCO.

 Dr. Muhammad Khan  ( I.R Expert): Pakistan’s role in fight against terrorism cannot be denied. Pakistan has rendered more than 80,000 lives and suffered more than 150 billion dollars economic loss in war against terrorism. Pakistan contributed a lost to establish peace in the world as well. The international community should acknowledge Pakistan’s sacrifices in war against terrorism. During the current scenario of economic crunch, international community should come forward and support the country to come out of crisis.