Friday, 12 August 2022, 08:17:55 am
Analysts hail pro-active foreign policy of incumbent government to improve relations with all countries
June 29, 2022

Waheed Ahmad (Former Ambassador): It is very important statement by China that it will assist Pakistan to overcome its economic worries. The incumbent government has taken China Pakistan Economic Corridor project seriously and work on it has been expedited. China’s recent financial support to State Bank of Pakistan at a reduced interest rate will help cushion Pakistan’s economy to weather the economic storm. It will also help relieve pressure on our declining foreign exchange reserves. As far the relaxation in visa to Afghan drivers is concerned, it will help further strengthen Pak, Afghan relations. Pakistan will be able to buy coal from Afghanistan to meet its energy needs. We know that Afghanistan is dependent on us for food. It will also help us export more food products to the neighboring brotherly country.

A. M. Shahid (Former Ambassador): Meetings with ambassadors of UAE, Iran and UK are very important and helpful in Pakistan’s foreign policy. Our relations with various countries are on improving trajectory. Bilateral cooperation between Pakistan and Iran is increasing in multi-faceted fields. Pakistan and Iran are cooperating to resolve issues at their border. Islamabad and Tehran have also discussed the prospects of peace in Afghanistan. However, these meetings should occur at regular intervals to improve understandings between the two brotherly countries. Iran has always been extending moral support on issue of Jammu and Kashmir and they have emphasized the resolution of this critical issue for regional peace and prosperity. Iranian support on Kashmir issue is very important and it will send a strong message to India. On the other hand, Pakistan should also seriously look at some of the reservations of Iran on terrorism issue.

Fauzia Nasreen (Former Ambassador): Pakistan has launched a diplomatic offensive to improve ties with various countries. This is a positive development as other countries are also reciprocating to Pakistan’s gestures. Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari soon after assuming power visited China, Turkey, Iran and Davos Forum to strengthen Pakistan’s relations with these countries. China has recently provided 2.3 billion dollars loan to provide support to Pakistan’s economy. In addition, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other gulf countries have indicated to invest in Pakistan. The UAE has expressed willingness to work with Pakistan to tackle issues of climate change. Similarly, Iran has held talks with Pakistan on the issue of border management.

Dr. Amna Mahmood (IR Expert): Pakistan has a strong foreign policy in which Pakistan wants to improve its relations with all countries on the basis of equality and sovereignty. Islamabad has improved its relations with various countries without taking any sides or becoming part of any bloc. The current government wants to translate these ties for our economic betterment. Recently, various friendly countries have given indication to provide financial support to Pakistan to help improve its ailing economy.