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Analysts hope PM Kakar’s successful visit to Kuwait will bring more foreign investment into the country
November 29, 2023

Nasir Shah Bukhari (Chairman, KASB): The incumbent government is putting efforts to improve economy of the country. The previous government in coordination and support of Army leadership established a Special Investment Facilitation Council to facilitate the foreign investors which is a great initiative. After the historic visit to UAE where a number of agreements were signed with UAE leadership, the Prime Minister and COAS are in Kuwait where several other MoUs have also been signed in fields of Agriculture, mining, IT and energy sectors. The target of SIFC is to bring over 100 billion dollars foreign investment in the country that will boost the economy to a great extent. The people of Pakistan will enjoy the development and economic revival as well. The Pakistan Stock Market has already hit the highest 61000 points. Such developments will bring prosperity in the country as it will set new directions towards regional cooperation.

Hafiz Shafiq Kashif (Economist): The establishment of SIFC was the need of the hour as the foreign investors were expressing concerns over the security of their investment. The SIFC is a big initiative of the government in collaboration with the military leadership. The Special Investment Facilitation Council would ensure the immediate and uninterrupted completion of the projects of foreign investment in Pakistan. The GCC investors are keen to invest in the vast opportunities of investment in the mining, IT, energy and agriculture sectors of Pakistan. Attracting investment from friendly countries remains one of the key goals of the SIFC.