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Death anniversary of Urdu poet, writer Sehba Lakhnavi observed
March 30, 2024

Twenty-second death anniversary of renowned Urdu poet, writer and editor Sehba Lakhnavi was observed today.

Sehba Lakhnavi, whose real name was Syed Sharaft Ali, was born on 25th December 1919 in Bhopal state.

After the establishment of Pakistan, he settled in Karachi and started Afkar magazine in 1951 that was published continuously for 57 years without any interruption.   

Sehba Lakhnavi's poetry collections were published under the names of Mah Paray and Zir Asman, while prose books included Meray Khwabon ki Sarzameen, Iqbal Aur Bhopal, Majaz Aik Ahang, Armaghan e Majnu, Rais Amrohavi Fun O Shaksiat and Manto Aik Kitab.

Sehba Lakhnavi died in Karachi on this day in 2002.