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COP-28: Experts hope implementation of loss & damage fund will help low-emission countries in tackling climate change
November 30, 2023

Mome Saleem (Environmentalist): It is a very good gesture from Pakistan as the ministers from all concerned departments are accompanying the Caretaker Prime Minister at the occasion of COP-28 summit. Last year, Pakistan faced a challenge of devastating flood caused due to the impacts of climate change. Over 33 million people were displaced due to the floods. In last year's COP-27, the Loss and Damage Fund was announced and we must be hopeful for the implementation of this Loss and Damage Fund as developing countries like Pakistan have been facing severe threats due to climate change. We need global cooperation keeping in view the seriousness of the impacts of climate change. Climate change is unprecedented and unpredictable so the world capitals need to compensate for the sufferings of the developing countries that have been paying the price for the industrialization of the developed countries. Pakistan is 0.08% contributor to carbon emissions yet among the most vulnerable countries in this regard. 

Hamad Naqi Khan (CEO, WWF): Climate Change is a hot topic at this point of time. The developed countries initially agreed to submit 100 billion dollars in the fund for the developing countries but unfortunately the target was not achieved. It is the need of the hour that the developed countries responsible for more greenhouse gases must contribute to compensate more. For the first time, Pakistan introduced a term Loss and Damage Fund to be established for the compensation of the developing countries that are more vulnerable due to climate change.  I am hopeful that in COP-28, the operationalisation of the Loss and Damage Fund will be finalized.