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Pakistan’ strong foreign Policy and its impact on relations with world
June 03, 2023

PM in Ankara to attend oath taking ceremony of Turkish President 

PM invites Turkish companies to invest in Pakistan in different sectors

Chairperson of Board of Limak, Chairman Pak Yatirim and President DEIK call on  Shehbaz Sharif in Ankara

Flights from Lahore to capital of Kazakhstan Almaty to be started to boost commercial activities

Pakistan and Italy agree to broaden, diversify bilateral relations

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs to undertake official visits to Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium from Monday

Pakistan's High Commissioner to Canada’s meetings with Canadian government officials and representatives of the Pakistani diaspora

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Iraq to plan to form a naval alliance

At UN, Pakistan reaffirms its dedication to Palestinian cause


Topic:  Budget 2023-2024: Govt’s commitment to strengthen country’s economy



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