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Ambassador of Tajikistan to Pakistan Ismatullo Nasredin
June 12, 2022

Ambassador of Tajikistan Ismatullo Nasredin says Pakistan and Tajikistan have a shared desire to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan in order to benefit from regional connectivity.

He was speaking in weekly program Diplomatic Session at the News and Current Affairs Channel of Radio Pakistan in Islamabad.

He said Pakistan is playing a key role in creating favorable conditions that could stabilize the situation in the former war torn country. He said Tajikistan is also using the capacity of Islamabad to assist these efforts in Afghanistan.

Terming Afghanistan a connecting chain between Central and South Asia, Ismatullo Nasredin said without stability in Afghanistan, there can been no progress in increasing links between countries of the two neighboring regions. He said we should all strive for formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan so that people of all ethnicities get a secure society for peace and prosperity in that country.

On the role of Beijing, he said China is a big power in the region that has stakes in Afghanistan and we are working together to find solution to the issues in Afghanistan.

Appreciating the hosting of important meetings on Afghanistan by Islamabad, he said many important decisions have been taken in these huddles for peace and stability in that country.

Turning to bilateral relations between Islamabad and Dushanbe, the Tajik ambassador Pakistan and Tajikistan have been enjoying excellent relations in many spheres of life and both are celebrating 30th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations this year. He said we need a stable and prosperous Pakistan to play a leadership role for the Muslim countries.

On two way cooperation in trade and economy, Ismatullo Nasredin said we have established Pakistan-Tajikistan Joint Commission on Trade, Economic and Scientific-Technical Cooperationto increase bilateral cooperation and its session will be hopefully held next month. He said Pakistan is very important country in the region to provide access to Central Asian Countries to the broader world.

Emphasizing the need of increasing communication on economic and other opportunities available in Pakistan and Tajikistan, he said both countries should run advertising campaigns about commerce, trade and tourism prospects available in each other. He said we need to fill the gaps in our bilateral trade for the mutual benefits of the two people. He said our business circles are trying to find new avenues of increasing trade cooperation.

On existing trade, he said Tajikistan is importing textile, agriculture, and pharmaceutical products from Pakistan, while dried fruit, chemicals are imported by Pakistan from Tajikistan.

Regarding China Pakistan Economic Corridor, he said CPEC is important not only for China and Pakistan but also for the Central Asian countries. It envisages roads, highways and sea ports which will benefit the two regions.

Turning to economic strategy of his country, he said industrialization of Tajikistan is our priority as a shift from our traditional agrarian economy. We can benefit from experience of Pakistan in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other sectors.  

The Tajik Ambassador said high level visits and contacts between the two countries manifest the depth of bilateral relationship. He said Pakistani Prime Minister visited Tajikistan in September last year to participate in SCO summit in Dushanbe. He said role of Islamabad is very important in addressing the issues present in the region including security, terrorism, and drug smuggling.

He said during high level exchanges, issue of Islamophobia also came under discussion and ways and means to address it. Pakistan has raised the issue effectively at all international forums, and we want this issue to be raised more vociferously so that a campaign of hatred against Muslims is stopped.

Referring to cultural and religious ties, he said both nations are intertwined in bonds of shared religion, culture and values. He said every year we have a festival to commemorate the poetry and teachings of Sufi poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal. He said Pakistan is providing support to train civil as well as military officials from Tajikistan which is very helpful for our development.