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Dr. Isbah Rashid (Gen. Physician, PIMS)
October 13, 2020

A leading health expert of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad has emphasized the need to enhance knowledge and sensitivity regarding breast cancer to save womenfolk from this dangerous disease.

In an exclusive interview with News and Current Affairs Channel of Radio Pakistan in connection with Pinktober, General Physician PIMS Dr. Isbah Rashid said knowing about breast cancer is important and women should seek medical consultation if they experience any symptoms of the ailment.

The PIMS physician said sometimes breast cancer is genetic and runs into families. She said radiation or carcinogens can also lead to development of cancer in various parts of body, including breasts. She said the mothers who breast feed their children have less chances of developing this malignancy.

Regarding precautionary measures to avoid developing breast cancer, she said various researches suggest that especially fruits and vegetables have ample antioxidants that are good against all types of cancer. She said different chemicals, pesticides, and vehicle emissions are leading causes of cancers.

The health expert said breast cancer is becoming common even in younger age in Pakistan. She said breast cancer becomes dangerous when it starts impacting other parts of the body.

Referring to various cancer treatments available, Dr. Isbah Rashid said self-examination will lead to mammography scans and ultrasound.  He said most common treatment methods are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

On a question regarding recurring chances of developing breast cancer, Dr. Isbah Rashid said it is possible and a new tumor can develop in the same breast or the other.

She said if tumor is small, it can be removed easily and the breast is not impacted. Similarly, specific glands can also be removed instead of whole organs.

The physician said breast cancer can also occur in males too and it is more dangerous in comparison with women.



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