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Exclusive interview: Abdullah Gul, IR Expert
September 30, 2020

Chairman Tehreek Jawanan Pakistan Abdullah Gul says fascist Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is treading on path of turmoil and self-destruction.  

In an exclusive interview with News and Current Affairs Channel of Radio Pakistan, he said India’s illegal actions in IIOJ&K on August 5 last year and excessive human rights violations in the territory have exposed its tall claims of democracy and secularism.

Abdullah Gul said fascist policies of BJP-led government have highlighted the importance of two-nation theory once again to those people who were longing for friendship with India, without realizing the Hindutva mentality of incumbent Indian regime.

The expert on Pakistan and Kashmir affairs predicted that New Delhi will crumble under its own weight due to ill-conceived and repressive policies against minorities.

He said India has set its sights on Kashmir as it is bent on stopping the economic progress of Pakistan as well as to check to economic and military might of China. Indian designs are dangerous for regional peace and prosperity. He said illegal steps taken by India in IIOJ&K are proving to be a poison to India’s image of secular and democratic nation. He said all minorities in India are facing the harsh state run policies of the Indian government. Even the people of Hindu religion who visit India also face deaths and threats as happened to eleven Pakistani Hindus who were mercilessly killed in Jodhpur.

Chairman Tehreek Jawanan Pakistan said separatist movements in India are gaining strength and time is not far when Khalistan will be carved out as a separate state for Sikhs of India. New Delhi has locked horns will all regional countries over border disputes. He said border skirmishes with China have led international community to believe that India is pursuing Saffron Terrorism.

Referring to expansionist designs of New Delhi, Abdullah Gul said India in late 1980s started to think about expanding its influence in the region and beyond. In 1990s, an article was published in Time Magazine with the tile Global Policeman. At that time, the US started assuaging India to prepare it as its junior partner in the region due to fear of rising China. India then started developing a wrong impression that it has the capacity to become a hegemonic power in Asia and Pacific region. With the growing Chinese military muscle, India’s tilt towards the US started increasing and it is heavily purchasing weapons from Washington.

He said Indian intelligence agencies are diverting attention of their population from internal strife by creating disturbances in the regional countries. He said Pakistan is a nuclear armed state and its growing importance in the world has led Indian agencies to focus their attention towards their Western neighbor. Only Pakistan can check Indian ambitions and this has worried India.  

Referring to diplomatic achievements of Pakistan after 5th August 2019, he said on 27th September last year the Prime Minister Imran Khan passionately fought the case of Kashmir at the UN General Assembly. The message was well received and echoed around the world. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s charismatic personality also helped win friends and sympathizers with the Kashmir cause. However, he warned, that diplomatic achievements will remain incomplete unless curfew is lifted in IIOJ&K and people are given their due right to self-determination.

Abdullah Gul said we have a very strong bond with Kashmiris in terms of religion, culture and civilization. Both Pakistanis and Kashmiris are essential to strength of each other. Despite this, Pakistan has allowed separate state institutions, judiciary, and police of Azad Kashmir to not deprive of its identity. This is not the case in IIOJ&K where New Delhi is trying to impose its rule and culture over the native Kashmiris. Abdullah Gul said Indian ceasefire violations along Line of Control are an obvious attempt to divert attention from its gross human rights violations in IIOJ&K.  

When asked about the role of Pakistan in Afghan peace process, he said Islamabad has contributed very sincerely and seriously in efforts to bring peace in the war torn country. He said now the US has also acknowledged Pakistan’s stance that military option is not the solution to Afghan conflict. Pakistan has a long border with Afghanistan and peace in the neighboring country is in best interest of Islamabad. Pakistan is helping the Afghan nation come out of this crisis, and is not siding with any particular group.

Abdullah Gul said despite the role of spoilers, stature of Pakistan has raised due to its honest and positive role in Afghan peacemaking efforts. He said we believe that peace and stability in Afghanistan will help us gaining access to Central Asian states and increase trade and connectivity to the region and beyond. He said the visit of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah will also help improve the understanding and relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan. These kinds of exchanges and visits forge better ties between and people and governments of neighboring countries.

He told the interviewer that verdict of Indian court to acquit the accusers of demolition of Babri Mosque is disappointing. This has raised questions over the impartial and independent working of Indian judiciary. He said the institutions that are supposed to provide justice to people in India are acting like Kangaroo courts. In past, Indian courts also gave unjust verdict of awarding death punishment to prominent Kashmiri leader Afzal Guru. These decisions reflect the Hindutva thinking prevalent in Modi’s India. This attitude will increase internal security issues in India. He said Indian intellectuals and serious elements in Indian establishment also fear that steps taken by Narendra Modi will destroy the secular India envisioned by its forefathers.  

Emphasizing the need of expanding Pakistan’s footprint on social media to win friends and to get our message across, he said government should create new forums on social media to extend the communication to the world. He paid rich tributes to all media of Pakistan, especially Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television, for exposing the terrorist face of India before the world.

He said Pakistan is a symbol of resistance against Indian imperialism and it has the capacity and will to play a leading role in Muslim Ummah.



Host: Javed Hussain

Guest: Abdullah Gul

Producer: Waseem Ahmad

Executive Producer: Muhammad Tariq Chaudhary