Sunday, 28 November 2021, 10:08:18 pm
US should step ahead and clean their mess in Afghanistan

Brig. Rt. Said Nazir: (IR Expert): The international community has adopted an ironic and hippocratic approach for resolution of Afghan issue. The champions of freedom, democracy and human rights seem numb and dumb when it comes to taking steps for betterment of Afghanistan in praxis. Afghan land has been used for the great power rivalry since its inception and US has hammered the last nail in the coffin. US has not only destroyed the infrastructure in Afghanistan but has uprooted the institutional and democratic setups by backing leaders like Ashraf Ghani. Their puppet fled away with the money of Afghan nation and now it is the moral duty of US to step ahead and clean their mess. US should stop bluffing international community by highlighting 'rights of dressing' and 'veils of Afghan women' in a nefarious manner. Afghan Talibans have groomed themselves to align with democratic lines. Now, US should stop talking about 'veils of Afghan women' and should start unveiling their appeasement policy for Afghanistan.