Thursday, 26 May 2022, 09:49:57 pm
Pakistan in the previous tenure of PML-N was working for SDGs

Humayun Iqbal Shami (Chairman, Pakistan Economic Forum): The Sustainable Development Goals, UN Agenda for 2030 is an important issue to be highlighted, as UN is monitoring the plans and policies as well as the progress of every country against these targets. It is said that India, Bangladesh, China and other regional countries are simultaneously working and developing new policies to achieve these goals. Whereas, Pakistan earlier, in the tenure of PML-N was working for SDGs, but after that no other government has done anything in this regard. Pakistan has the adequate financial condition to come up with good plans and policies to achieve these goals, but sadly our leaders are not found interested in this agenda. Even the UNDP report highlights that the interregional inequality in Pakistan has increased which indicates that the highest level of human development is in Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.