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MORA launches post-Hajj operations in Madinah
July 03, 2024

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has initiated post-Hajj operations in Madinah, prioritizing that every Pakistani pilgrim has the opportunity to visit revered site within the Prophet's (SAWW) Mosque.

In this regard, seventeen thousand Pakistani pilgrims visited Riaz ul Jannah in the post-Hajj period.

To facilitate these visits, special permits have been arranged by the ministry in coordination with the Saudi government. This has enabled thousands of Pakistani male and female pilgrims to visit Riaz ul Jannah daily.

Director (Hajj) Madinah, Zia Ur Rehman, emphasized that ensuring every Pakistani pilgrim can visit Riaz ul Jannah is the ministry's top priority during the post-Hajj period. The successful organization of these visits reflects the ministry's commitment to serving the spiritual needs of Pakistani pilgrims.