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PCP disposed of 3.1mn public complaints so far: PMDU Dy. Secretary
April 06, 2021

About 600,000 people have expressed their pleasure over the resolution of their complaints at Pakistan Citizen Portal.

This was stated by Adil Saeed Safi, Deputy Secretary, Prime Minister's Performance Delivery Unit in an exclusive interview with News and Current Affairs Channel of Radio Pakistan today (Tuesday).

Adil Saeed said Pakistan Citizen Portal has so far disposed of 3.1 million public complaints, with 96 percent disposal rate.

He said a dedicated website has been launched on statistics of Pakistan Citizen Portal which will provide vital information to people.  

He explained that PMDU is a dedicated unit for governance and improvement in service delivery. Under its umbrella, a number of initiatives are working, one of which is Pakistan Citizen Portal. It was launched in 2018 and so far 3.233 million people have downloaded this app to avail the facility. Besides, one hundred and seventy four thousand overseas Pakistanis are also registered with this service out of eight million in total.

The Deputy Secretary said the usual complaint resolution process at Pakistan Citizen Portal takes from 20 to 41 days. However, matters of pressing nature are resolved on immediate basis. We deem every complaint as significant and give importance to complaint of every citizen.

Adil Saeed said 62,000 resolved complaints are being reopened at the direction of Prime Minister where citizens expressed dissatisfaction. He said in addition 92,000 complaints are also being checked which were partially resolved.   

Deputy Secretary PDU said Pakistan Citizen Portal proved very effective during the corona pandemic as people do not have to visit the respective offices.

He informed that open kutcheris are also being held on Facebook by various departments due to covid restrictions. In these kutcheries, higher officials sit with their staff and discuss and resolve the complaints.

Referring to dashboard initiative of the Pakistan Citizen Portal, Adil Saeed said it is aimed at providing facility to people of far flung areas, widows, old people and other vulnerable groups. We gave instructions to key government departments especially DCO Office, Tehsil Office and other public administration offices in all provinces to cater to the needs of such people by lodging their complaints from their locations. He said there needs to create more awareness about dashboard so that more people could utilize it.

The Deputy Secretary said negligent officers are held accountable and proper disciplinary action is being taken against them.

Adil Saeed regretted that some people were misusing this service by lodging wrong complaints against public officials with whom they had some personal grudge. He said such people can also be taken to task by blocking that person or permanently removing it from the system.   

Director News and Current Affairs Muhammad Tariq Chaudhary informed that Radio Pakistan has also dashboard facility and it is helping people in resolution of their problems who approach it.