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Ambassador Masood Khan's Legacy lauded at farewell ceremony
July 09, 2024

A farewell ceremony was held in honor of Ambassador Masood Khan, marking the conclusion of his tenure as Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States.

The event, organized by the Pakistan's Embassy in Washington DC, witnessed participation from approximately 250 attendees including officials from the State Department, USAID, diplomatic community, World Bank, IMF, corporate leaders, and representatives from the United States and Pakistani media.

Speaking on the occasion, Martin Raiser, Regional Vice President for South Asia at the World Bank, expressed gratitude for Ambassador Khan's guidance in fostering strong partnerships between Pakistan and international organizations. He highlighted Ambassador Masood Khan's role in enhancing cooperation and understanding.

In his remarks, Michael Schiffer, USAID Assistant Administrator for the Bureau for Asia, commended Ambassador Masood Khan for his professionalism and leadership in advancing US-Pakistan relations. Michael Schiffer emphasized the importance of clear and effective communication in diplomatic engagements.

Elizabeth Horst, representing the US State Department, praised Ambassador Khan's legacy as a skilled diplomat and advocate for bilateral interests. She noted his dedication in achieving progress through persistent advocacy and diplomacy.

Ambassador Masood Khan's departure marks the end of a distinguished tenure characterized by diplomacy, advocacy, and significant strides in US-Pakistan relations. His legacy is expected to influence future bilateral engagements and ensure continued cooperation and understanding between the two nations.