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Analysts laud security forces have exercised restraint against provoked acts of PTI workers
May 10, 2023

Talal Chaudhary (Leader, PML-N) There is no doubt that the security forces have exercised restraint against the provoked acts of PTI workers. The claim of PTI leadership of not being involved in provoking the acts of targeting specific state institutions is not true. The attacks on the state buildings was part of the nefarious plans of the PTI leadership. In the past, the PTI leadership was provided relief and space but the PTI leadership misused the leverage. PTI is responsible for political instability so the party must be banned.

Lt Gen (Retd) Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst) The elements involved in the violent acts cannot be patriot to the country. These elements are involved in creating chaos and anarchy. These acts are giving the impression to the world that Pakistan is an internally destabilized country and not suitable for the foreign investment. The culprits involved in the anti-Pakistan agenda must be dealt with iron hands. The political workers were provoked by their leadership to carry out the violent acts. The government needs to identify those rotten eggs and bring them to justice. Although some PTI leaders have disowned the violence yet they still need to tell their workers to remain cool and cooperate with the law enforcement agencies.

Salman Ghani (Senior Journalist): The enemies of Pakistan always wanted to create chaos and anarchy in our country. So whatever is happening in the country in the past couple of days is part of the anti-Pakistan agenda. A political party for the sake of the political gains is provoking its workers to target the assets of the government and the security forces. The arrest of the PTI chief is declared legal by the Islamabad high court but the reaction of PTI workers on the decision is beyond understanding. DG ISPR has made it clear that the facilitators, planners and political activists involved in these operations have been identified and strict legal action will be taken against them.