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Pakistan to host 3-day global conference on girls' education in September
June 12, 2024

The Government of Pakistan, in collaboration with Muslim World League is set to host a landmark global conference on girls' education in September this year.

This event aims to bring together a diverse group of international and national dignitaries, including education ministers from numerous Islamic countries, to address and find solutions to different challenges faced by girls in education sector.

The primary objective of the three-day conference is to explore and formulate effective strategies to enable institutional responses and ensure better resource allocation for promoting girls' education on a global scale.

The conference will be attended by participation of eminent scholars, education experts, policymakers, and various stakeholders who will share their expertise, experiences, and best practices in the field of girls' education. The event will serve as a crucial platform for sharing experiences, discussing the multifaceted challenges faced by girls in accessing education, and exploring innovative solutions to overcome these barriers.

The Prime Minister constituted a dedicated committee to organize the event in a befitting and efficient manner. This committee is headed by Secretary of Education Mohyuddin Wani and includes Ms Nausheen Iftikhar MNA, Ms Dr. Tanveer Anjum representatives from the Foreign Office, the Federal Directorate of Education, and the Capital Development Authority. Their collective efforts aim to ensure the seamless execution of this high-profile event.

This event marks a significant step towards the global promotion of girls' education, demonstrating Pakistan's commitment to being at the forefront of this vital initiative. By hosting such a crucial conference, Pakistan aims to contribute substantially to the global dialogue on education and help forge a path towards a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape for girls worldwide.