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Energy experts hail transition of energy from thermal to solar
April 13, 2024

Dr Noor Fatima (Energy Expert): The signing of agreement with Chinese company to transform a power plant from thermal to solar will help produce cheaper energy. We have already been using gas and other sources to produce energy in the country. It is vital that per unit cost of electricity is brought down not only for households but also for the industrial sector. We need to invest more on renewable sources in order to meet the growing demand of energy in the country. Solar energy is a very big resource for Pakistan because of ample sunshine.

Dr Gulfaraz Ahmed (Energy Experts): The conversion of thermal power plant to solar is a very good step and it will help produce clean energy in the country. Coal fired plants are not healthy for the environment. These are considered cheaper but only if they are located near the sources of coal. These plants are hazardous to nearby agricultural activities also. We should focus more on renewable energy generation as it is not only helpful for the environment but also cheaper in cost. In the second phase of China Economic Corridor Project, more focus is on cleaner energy projects. Pakistan has also been focusing on hydel power projects that will increase its capacity.