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Experts appreciate govt’s measures for revival of economy, welfare of masses
January 16, 2024

Malik Bostan (Chairman, Pakistan Currency Exchange): The credit of bringing the economy of the country on the right track goes to the caretaker government. For the first time the current account is surplus. There is a continuous devaluation of the dollar and the government is decreasing the petroleum prices approximately every month. The need of the hour is to reduce electricity and gas tariffs so that we can improve our exports as well. The services of Chief of Army Staff in economic stability cannot be ignored who took strong action against the culprits involved in smuggling. Pakistan is no longer economically isolated. The establishment of the Special Investment Facilitation Council is a milestone. The visit of the Prime Minister to attend the World Economic Forum will bring good news as far as foreign investment through SIFC is concerned. The caretaker government has initiated a number of important projects and it is the responsibility of the upcoming government to ensure continuity of these projects to strengthen the economy. The caretaker government has done a great job with a minimum cabinet.

Dr. Noor Fatima (Economist): In the past the mandate of every caretaker government was limited but this is the first empowered caretaker government. This time there is comparatively a space provided to the caretaker government to work. The upcoming political government must follow the same spirit. But the fact is that every political government has its own priorities and dynamics and if the government is constituted with the support of allies then the political government has to compensate the allies in the formation of the cabinet. Moreover, the IMF also expressed satisfaction over the steps taken by the caretaker government and released a tranche of 700 million dollars.