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Analysts urge International community to stop Israel from ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people
November 16, 2023

Dr. Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst):

In my opinion, the Arab Countries summit has not attained its objectives. The people of Gaza and the Muslims across the globe were expecting a lot from the summit but unfortunately no bold decision was taken in the meeting. On the other hand, the United States and European countries are boldly standing behind Israel but no Muslim country is openly supporting the people of Gaza. It seems that the United States rather than to normalize the situation, motivated the Israeli Prime Minister and its forces to do anything with the Palestinian people. Palestinian people will never step back from their demand for an independent homeland till the last breath. The only solution to the current situation is the two-state solution. 

Dr. A.Z. Hilali (I.R Expert):

The need of the hour is to take concrete measures to address the Palestine issue. The United States must use its political and diplomatic influence to urge Israel to stop killing innocent Palestinians. The OIC has already passed a resolution urging an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Unfortunately, Israel is not listening to anyone and using all means to harm Palestinian people. Israeli forces are bombing on schools, hospitals and other places. The situation is worsening day by day and it is the responsibility of world organizations to take serious notice of Israeli atrocities. Hamas should also show some flexibility to negotiate with the Israeli authorities. 

Waheed Ahmed (Former Ambassador): 

The OIC is making all out efforts including diplomatic influences to pressure international community to stop Israel from perpetrating atrocities on innocent people in Gaza. The public opinion across the globe has changed and the international community is criticizing Israeli attacks on hospitals and schools. Israel is trying to divert the world's attention from two-state solution. But, the Palestinians are very determined and want their homeland back by all means.