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Pakistan to be able to produce low price electricity by using coal fired power plants
March 22, 2023

  Dr. Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig ( Economist):Coal is indigenous source of Pakistan. We have abundant source of coal and able to produce electricity using the source of coal. We were unable to  tap the source of coal due non-availability of technology, but now we are able to produce electricity by using this indigenous source of energy.


 Dr. A. Z Hilali: Political Analyst): 23rd  March 1940 was the day of hope and determination of thousands of Muslims of the subcontinent. On this day, a resolution was passed for the creation of a separate federation based on Muslim-majority regions in British India. Quad-i-Azam  successfully won the debate by speaking to the party members in Lahore, he explained that Hindus and Muslims are two separate entities, as they are entirely different in cultural and religious aspects. Pakistan celebrates 23rd March every year with great spirit and enthusiasm. Every year on this day, the government arranges a special event to give respect to this day. This day is celebrated in the memory of a lot of struggles put together by our leaders and most importantly, our mentor QUAID E AZAM in the creation of our beloved homeland Pakistan.