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Expert calls for addressing concerns of developing countries at COP-28
November 22, 2023

Tahir Basharat Cheema (Energy Expert): There is no denying the fact that the developing countries are paying the price of the industrialization of the developed countries. Although, Pakistan is not a big contributor of carbon emission but among the most vulnerable countries affected due to the climate change. So we can say that Pakistan is suffering from the impacts of the human-made climate crisis, to which its people have hardly contributed. The oil producing countries claim to provide energy to the other countries but it must be realized that the needs of the developing countries like Pakistan must be taken care of. The developing countries like Pakistan must present their case to seek world's assistance. The establishment of a fund to address loss and damage caused by climate-induced disasters in Cop-27 is a positive development as the developing countries have been demanding such a fund for the past 30 years.