Wednesday, 30 November 2022, 09:48:06 am
PM seeks world’s support in rescue, rehabilitation of flood victims
September 24, 2022

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has urged the world countries that have the resources and capacity to come forward and contribute towards our rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts.

In an interview with American News Agency AP, he said our people are suffering due to climate change induced disaster for which we are not sole responsible, therefore, world should come forward for doing justice with us.

The Prime Minister said 33 million people in Pakistan have been directly impacted by this calamity and 1500 people have died including hundreds of children.

To a question on importing wheat from Russia, the Prime Minister said we might import over one million tons of wheat from Russia on right terms and conditions.

Replying to a question on India, he said India is our neighbor forever and Pakistan wants to live like a peaceful neighbor with India. He stressed that without resolving the Kashmir issue, we not be able to live in peace. The Prime Minister said we should learn that India and Pakistan can't afford spend money on buying ammunition and defense equipment. He said we are focused to utilize our resources for rehabilitation, providing education and health facilities to our people.

On Afghanistan, the Prime Minister said to provide equal opportunities to all Afghans, assets of Afghanistan people should be unfrozen. He said the world should trust the people of Afghanistan that they will move in the right direction.