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Pakistan, Saudi Arabia Green initiatives partnership to further strengthen bilateral ties
January 25, 2022

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have expressed confidence that their partnership in Green initiatives for a sustainable and healthy climate will further strengthen the bilateral ties.      

Addressing a news conference along with Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Environment Dr. Khalid in Islamabad on Tuesday, Special Assistant on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said this partnership will be a new chapter in our existing brotherly ties.

He said Pakistan's environmental and climate oriented initiatives have been acknowledged internationally.   

He said the United Nations has termed Pakistan Asia's forestry champion and a model for others to follow.

He said the Saudi delegation is here in Pakistan to learn and study our green initiatives. He said they will visit national parks, plantations, mangroves and other sites across the country.  

Speaking on the occasion, the CEO of Saudi Ministry of Environment said learning from Pakistan's experiences, we have started Ten Billion Tree program in Saudi Arabia and forty billion tress program in the Middle East.

He said the Kingdom has the potential to collaborate with international partners for climate related initiatives.