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Analyst says India’s state sponsored terrorism has been globally exposed
September 26, 2023

Dr. Muhammad Khan (IR Expert): The recent assassination of a Sikh leader in India has brought to light a deeply troubling aspect of New Delhi's actions on the global stage. This event was a long time coming, considering India's history of mistreatment of religious and ethnic minorities both within its borders and in neighboring countries. India's track record of discrimination against Muslims is well-documented, and Sikhs have also faced persecution on multiple occasions. Additionally, the Christian community has encountered inhumane treatment in India. It is imperative that the international community's various centers of power now take notice of India's alleged involvement in state-sponsored terrorism in other nations. India's promotion of the Hindutva agenda, which places Hindus above other religions, has raised significant concerns. India's expectation of continued good relations with many Western countries was met with an unexpected and robust response following revelations by Canadian authorities. Even the United States has taken steps to investigate the killing of a Canadian Sikh, indicating a shift in the international response to these issues.