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CM Punjab pledges swift resolution of key issues faced by Sikh pilgrims
November 26, 2023

A 39-member delegation of Sikh pilgrims, on a visit to commemorate Baba Guru Nanak's birthday, met Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi in Lahore today. The meeting served as a platform for discussions on various aspects of the pilgrimage and its logistical arrangements.

Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, in his interactions with the Sikh delegation, expressed a commitment to implementing the valuable suggestions and recommendations put forth by the pilgrims. The focus of these discussions revolved around the effective scheduling of different events and the streamlined facilitation of visas for the pilgrims.

During the deliberations, the Chief Minister assured the Sikh pilgrims that all their pertinent issues, including visa matters, would be promptly addressed and resolved on priority. He underscored the importance of the restoration and construction of the historic Gurdwara and ancient mansions in Gujranwala, affirming the government's dedication to preserving cultural and religious heritage.

In a gesture of warm hospitality, Mohsin Naqvi also extended a hearty welcome to the Sikh pilgrims, emphasizing the longstanding tradition of embracing visitors to Pakistan with open arms. The commitment to resolving outstanding issues and ensuring a seamless pilgrimage experience was reiterated, reflecting the government's dedication to fostering positive relations with the Sikh community. 

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi assuring the Sikh delegation of the government's continued support in facilitating their pilgrimage and enhancing the overall experience during their stay in Pakistan.