Tuesday, 28 November 2023, 02:30:38 pm
Analyst highlights the importance of elections for democracy in Pakistan
September 30, 2023

Anwar Iqbal (US Journalist, Washington): It is indeed crucial for any democracy to conduct free and fair elections as they are the cornerstone of a representative government. Both the United States and Pakistan are committed to uphold this democratic principle. The endorsement of free and fair elections by the US spokesperson demonstrates the international community's interest in seeing Pakistan's democratic processes function effectively. International observers often monitor elections in various countries to ensure they meet recognized standards of fairness and transparency. Pakistan's long-term and strategic relations with the United States mean that regardless of the outcome of the elections, the fundamental relationship between the two countries will remain intact. Such stability in relations is essential for addressing mutual concerns and advancing shared interests. The reference to improving Pakistan's economy after the elections highlights the critical role that effective governance plays in economic development. Many nations and international organizations are eager to see Pakistan's economy thrive, as it can have positive effects not only within Pakistan but also in the wider global context.